Friday, January 19, 2007

Printing Information & Tips

Printable quality & color
These are simple, free printables. Their printed quality is definitely not going to be what you see here online and will depend on your printer and settings and also the paper you use. Things generally print lighter than what you see so I have made the newer printables intentionally darker. Even our various printers print in varied colors though so it is difficult to try and get the "right" color. So I'm just hoping the colors are pleasing for you and not totally bizarre. :)

Page Margins
At this time I think all the printables print within 0.75 inch right and left hand margins. I think this *might* be the default margin setting so if you haven't fussed with your margin settings in the page setup it's likely they're set to 0.75 inch width. If you want to make sure that the printable will not be cut off, check your Print Preview first to see if the printable is showing fully on the page, remembering also to hit Zoom to see it 100%. If part of the printable is cut off, check your margin settings in the browser page set up.

Paper Selection
There is of course a large selection of printing paper these days. Plain paper can also be purchased in a brighter white which might be nicer. I would definitely print the recipe cards and the book marks on thicker paper. I have also printed the book marks on photo paper which I liked a lot and the finished product prints nicer as well. You might want a slightly thicker paper for the envelopes.

Finished size
There will be a difference in printed size depending on whether or not you print directly from the browser page or save the file in order to print it at a later time. This also depends on what program you open it into for printing. Printing in MS Paint will yield the same size as printing from the browser page. If you open the saved file into Paint Shop Pro, the printable will print in a larger size. The best thing to do is look at your printable in the Print Preview first to be sure if that is what you want.

Saving a printable for later use
Right-click on the printable and choose Save Picture As or click to save on the Picture Toolbar if you see that. Save it to a location you can easily find or remember later.

Printing a saved file in a browser page
If you have saved the printable for later use, right-click on the file and from Open With choose the Internet browser you use. (For example: Internet Explorer or Mozilla's Firefox.)

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