Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Terms of Use - Graphics

Terms of Use

These graphics are not in the Public Domain and should not be offered by anyone else or used to make a profit. Do not use them to make blog headers or any new graphics. Beyond that, the only terms I have is that I would like you to link back . . . this is so that other people will be able to find the graphics should they wish to use them also. Thank you.

Logos for linking are provided in the linkware graphics menu
or in the individual web sets
Star I deeply appreciate that you follow my terms.


Anonymous said...

How do I download the recipe cards?
thank-you, -- what kind of paper do I use?

Pam said...

Hi Mary...
To use the recipe cards, just click on the sample that you wish to save. That will open up a page of that color recipe card in your browser window. You can either print that page or save that graphic to your computer for later use.

Paper choices are just your preference, I could choose a thicker paper or maybe even a matte photo paper?

Hope this helps. :)