Thursday, March 13, 2008

Web sets

Because I have had a couple of requests, I have decided that I will offer my web sets again, for a time. I'm not sure how long. I think this will largely depend on whether or not I receive feedback. Besides offering Christian graphics & printables, I love searching for things to share with you, so if you enjoy or appreciate anything here, won't you please let me know? Happy

I am adding lavender to the Cafe Daydreams web set. So look for this to be available soon. This is what it will look like.



HSB Suzanne said...

Hi! I really like your graphics. I've used them in several places from time-to-time. Places I've used them: and
Also, I am using your lay-out (and have been for quite some time)...

Thank you for sharing them with us! (If I'm using any of your graphics incorrectly, please let me know. My intent is to follow t.o.u. no matter what.)

sadie said...

hello Pam. Was looking through some of your graphics I have, and followed the link. :O) couldn't leave without leaving a little pawprint to say I'd been by!

hope you have a wonderful Easter xx