Sunday, June 1, 2008

This Side of Heaven Graphics & Printables

I'm changing things up again. Smile

I don't know if there was enough interest in The Hungering Heart for me to keep adding to it so I have removed everything from this page except for the graphics and the printables which you are very welcome to use.  Please do read my terms of use and please link back to:

You can still visit The Hungering Heart if it was something you enjoyed or benefited from, but I probably won't be updating it anymore.

Thanks for visiting! Wave


mendifae said...

I love your graphics but I also enjoy reading your blog entries - does this mean no more blogging? Sorry I haven't been by in a while - you know how life is sometimes! Sending you lots of ((hugs))!!

Erin38732 said...

Hi Pam! sweetie, how have you been? missed ya! hope everything is going great and you're enjoying life in Wisconsin still! I just wanted to say I LOVED your poem "Who Would Love You Enough" on your "The Hungering Heart" page! It's beautiful and very touching. Well, it was nice stopping by your site and seeing you were still around after all this time! take care! ♥ Hugsss!

Jessica said...

Hi Pam! I did come visit, but am not always the best with commenting, trying to overcome that. I do enjoy all of your blogs :)

monileigh said...

of course, it is ALWAYS adorable in here!