Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer Blue Web Set


Summer Blue is a collection of web graphics to decorate your web site or blog. Created back when country web homes were everywhere online, this will give you a bit of nostalgia and longing to dust off your old web site, fling the windows wide, and settle back into the camaraderie of visiting country web homes again.

This set is full of bowls, antique tables, and graphics with a summertime feel, just in time for the summer months.

This graphics set includes:

small upper case letters in blue and green, for use on light backgrounds
31 backgrounds
7 small rectangle blank graphics for your own text
19 individual bowl graphics
10 divider graphics
3 sets of days of the week graphics
56 single graphics - all shown in preview
5 avatar graphics
5 headers & 2 footers for use in a layout
2 sets of navigation graphics
7 graphics with quotes
5 shelf graphics with bowls
8 welcome graphics (for the light linen background)
4 antique table graphics

* a sample 3-column layout, which was made specifically to accommodate 760 pixel-wide headers & footers, is provided.

Below are samples. (Click to enlarge.)
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